About Vince Lombardi

Born and raised in Brooklyn New York Vince's roots trace to Italy: Naples on his father's side and Abruzzo (Pescara) on his mother's side. That food is the natural footbridge to wine for new consumers is well known to Vince.  Drawn at a young age to televisions “Galloping Gourmet” and a passion for music and entertainment he enrolled at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he earned a bachelor's degree in Hotel Administration. Managerial experience in Food and Beverage includes:

Caesar's Palace, Caesar's Atlantic City, Hilton Hotels, Prime Hospitality Management Company, and the Trump Organization.

Later, in his career Vince was recruited by Royal distributors (later known as R&R marketing and now known as Allied Beverage) and spent 17 years on the wholesale and distribution side of the spirit and wine business.

In 2001 the parent company Tenacious Marketing Concepts (TMC) was incorporated specializing Consulting and Marketing for:



Food and Beverage Marketing,

Private Label Branding,


Product and Service Video and Media Development

Business Credit Consulting Repair and Monitoring

ISO Business Financing and Funding


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